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[Luceti] Appointments

[For all those interactions that don't get a whole separate post all to their lonesomes, or for continuing log threads that don't belong on a community post for whatever reason.]
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action [morning after NARUTO MALLYNap]

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[Sakura is one of the first people Kushina contacts beside Kakashi. She's his teammate so if anyone (other than herself and Minato) knows where he is, it would be her.

Added to that fact is Naruto has a crush on her; If Naruto was just like her, he would be spending a lot of time around the person he liked.

So she knocks on Sakura's door at the earliest in the morning as deemed polite.

Then she waits -- the hardest part about it all.]

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[She almost does because that tea looks comforting and warm and she's cold and tired from searching all night and most of morning. Instead she shakes herself and remains just outside her door, shaking her head.]

I'm sorry Sakura, I can't.

[She gets right to the point -- impatient and frazzled and upset and very obviously worried.]

Have you seen Naruto?
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[Her lips form a thin line, body tensing a little.]

If he's around, I'll find him.

Then I'll scold him until his ears fall off for not answering me and worrying his father and I.
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[Kushina hesitates in accepting.

It's not that she doesn't appreciate the help, or doesn't trust her, but Sakura had been drinking her tea and had obviously woken up not that long ago whereas Kushina hasn't slept at all.

And probably wasn't going to for a while. She had a personal mission to complete. Search every nook and cranny of this place until she was sure Naruto had gone home.

She's not sure what to say to the offer since she never expected she would have to deal with a missing son. After a while, there's a nod.]

Okay. Thank you.

[The more help, the better. Unlike Minato, she'll try not to take everything on her shoulders. Besides this is Naruto's friend and teammate. If anybody knew where he was, then Sakura was one of those people.]
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[He's got friends here.

Her heavy heart lifts a little and she finally manages a small smile, grateful that he does have people like Sakura and the rest of his friends. Grateful that they would want to help find him too-

-If he's still in Luceti.]


[They're the same willful words she said to Minato only a few hours ago. It wasn't 'he's still here' or 'he's okay' like she expects. It's if he's here, they would damn well find him and nothing is going to stop her.

Or Sakura.

She's glad Naruto likes a person like Sakura. He did follow some of her advice, after all.]

Let's go!
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Easily excitable and now with a goal in mind with someone who was a woman after her own heart, Kushina feels her determination take precedence over everything else.

That Naruto might have gone home and she wouldn't see him again... or worse.]

Hell yeah!

[Gone is the exhaustion in her eyes.]

Who's nearby here?
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[As Sakura trails off, Kushina looks around the floor. Without another word, she turns and heads over to one of the other doors, raising her hand to knock.]
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[She searches for Sakura after she's asked everyone if they've seen him, if not forced them to help Sakura and Kushina in their hunt.

Despite being awake all night, worrying herself sick, and hiding her turmoil, Kushina's smile is a little brighter and more genuine.

Because Naruto had great friends.]

I think we asked everyone on this floor. Do you want to come with me to ask Mikoto and Sasuke and Itachi?
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I was planning on it.

[Finally (after a lot of thought about it) she admits something to Sakura that she hasn't admitted to Minato, the determined narrowing of her eyes softening.]

If he's gone home though, that's okay too. That's where he belongs. That's where all of you belong.

[She turns and grins.]

I can't be upset if he's in Konoha again, ya know? [So why is she?]
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[A bit speechless, Kushina can only stare in surprise at Sakura. That their conversation took a turn like this. Of course, she's grateful for that time too and she knows it's special. She felt the same.

It's bittersweet.

It's obvious how much she cares about Naruto (might even return his feelings) with how much she wishes happiness for him like she does.]

Sakura, I'm glad Naruto has someone like you for a teammate.

Thank you for being there for him. For caring about him.
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[Despite their troubles, she can see that Sakura is a really good friend of Naruto's. Along with a lot of other people she's met.

She chuckles to herself.

Might as well be the Pink Habanero.]

Your temper must be as bad as mine.
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[Peas in a pod.

It's her turn to look embarrassed, sheepish for the trouble her son has caused.

It's not like I don't give him a good thwak every now and then too...]

Yeah. Sorry.
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[Thinking about the troublemaker, irritating mess her son is reminds her that he's missing. It's funny that he's gone and he's still making a mess for Kushina and Sakura with his disappearing act.

As much as Naruto wouldn't be Naruto without the frustration, Kushina wouldn't be Kushina without the red hair.]

We are who we are.

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