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7th Punch | Video

[It's one of those things she feels like she ought to say.  Ought to let people know, because it's important.  They're important, even if they're not here anymore.

On the video, her expression is carefully calm, forced into composure -- but for those who know her well or who are very good at reading faces, it's obvious she's not at all calm about this, not really.  They're too important to her for that, and Sasuke in particular... it feels like not enough time.  Not enough to getting to savor having her team together again, whole again.]

For anyone wondering... Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke have both gone home.

[Once again, she's the bearer of bad news for Luceti's Konoha population.  She takes a breath to say more, but then pauses.  What else is there to say, really?  And her throat is so tight with it.  Her teammates, her boys, are gone -- but they're back where they belong.

It's not enough to ease the sense of loss, though.]
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[Sasuke too?

Since the two have them had gone out of their mind in their search to find Naruto those months ago, Kushina felt a bit closer to Sakura. They went through similar things. She knows the girl must be hurting too. And to have Sasuke leave, Mikoto must be hurting.

So she's not concerned about herself. He could come back. Minato had said before... so many people had said before. So many people had. It wasn't the end of it. They could both come back.

That doesn't mean she should want them to though. Maybe for Sakura's and Mikoto's sake though. And Minato.]

At least Kakashi is still around, huh?

[Small smile.]
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[In the event that Kakashi does leave though, Sakura isn't completely alone there either. Even so, Kushina senses the need for company for times like this since she had felt it many times too. She always had Minato at her side at those moments.

Sakura doesn't have anyone.]

Sure. [She smiles warmly. Sakura wasn't being rude at all.]

I'll send Minato off to spend time with Kakashi. He should spend more time with his student anyway.

[She's sure he must be feeling guilty too, even if it wasn't his fault. And she can't leave Minato alone either.]
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Re: video

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[Yeah, she thinks so too. The both of them.]

Mn. Did you want to come here? [Well, maybe not.]

Or we could go out somewhere. [Since being in the family house seems more empty.]
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[Nobody else can leave. She will chain them all down with chakra.]

I don't mind it. [She says it just a little subdued. If it's for someone like Sakura. Or Minato. Or Naruto...]

I'll leave it up to you, Sakura. [Since she's worried about Sakura's happiness rather than hers.]
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[They are so worried about the other person, wah]

Yeah, but ours will be a better night. [She hopes.] I can already see the two of them just talking about politics or having a strategy meeting like they used to.