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5th Punch ~ Social Violence!

[Video - Friday morning 12/6]

[Sakura hits the journals up in the morning, relatively early; she's in a cheerful, energetic mood this morning, and feels the need to do some playing today.]

So! We got all that snow yesterday. I think it's time to have a little fun!

What does everyone think of a grand mass snowball fight? I'm talking ninja-style, very few holds barred, get 'em however you can! [Pause.] Try to avoid actually causing serious bodily harm, though. The point is to have fun. But other than that, go for it!

The whole village is fair game, but let's at least get started... hm, just to the south, I think. Plenty of space for fun, and we can spread from there!

[Action - Same day, all day]

[Sakura's out there, wrapped up warm and ready for action. It's a beautiful day for shenanigans and she's got more than a few in mind!]

There's only one rule. Make me do any actual work, and I will destroy you! [Translation: hurt someone and she'll hurt you.

She may also be starting some snow fortifications. Nothing like having the upper hand!]

((ooc: It's a free-for-all! Feel free to thread with other folks in this post, threadjack, etc etc. Come get snowy and have fun!))
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[Kushina just thinks that snow armor is a snowman Aang made as a decoy so she doesn't pay any mind to it (other than a suspicious glance), especially if it's not moving.

She attempts sneaking by and hiding around it, looking for her own target and snowballs shoved in pockets and in her arms.

Wasn't Aang around here...?]
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[Or maybe around here! One airbender popping out of the snow to softly through a snowball at her while giggling.]
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[It hits!

But it's soft so she doesn't even notice with all her layers sldkgjsgd Did something brush by her?

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[Keep looking! You'll find him - and he'll be making a silly face at you!]
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And then grins a bit, getting ready to fire a snowball at him.]

Oh yeah? I'm gonna freeze that expression in place!

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[He narrowly ducks under.]

Don't you wanna freeze it on something more smile-y?
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I'm not the one making the face!
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[Aang is just going to be all trickster and rather than make any snowballs himself, focus on dodging her own snowballs. He stands innocently with his hands behind his back.]

But you are the one who's gonna freeze it, right?
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he is dodging them all

she feints a throw]

You're smiling now!

[so is she]
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[And he moves to dodge again, not realizing the faint.]

That must be your fault!
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