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5th Punch ~ Social Violence!

[Video - Friday morning 12/6]

[Sakura hits the journals up in the morning, relatively early; she's in a cheerful, energetic mood this morning, and feels the need to do some playing today.]

So! We got all that snow yesterday. I think it's time to have a little fun!

What does everyone think of a grand mass snowball fight? I'm talking ninja-style, very few holds barred, get 'em however you can! [Pause.] Try to avoid actually causing serious bodily harm, though. The point is to have fun. But other than that, go for it!

The whole village is fair game, but let's at least get started... hm, just to the south, I think. Plenty of space for fun, and we can spread from there!

[Action - Same day, all day]

[Sakura's out there, wrapped up warm and ready for action. It's a beautiful day for shenanigans and she's got more than a few in mind!]

There's only one rule. Make me do any actual work, and I will destroy you! [Translation: hurt someone and she'll hurt you.

She may also be starting some snow fortifications. Nothing like having the upper hand!]

((ooc: It's a free-for-all! Feel free to thread with other folks in this post, threadjack, etc etc. Come get snowy and have fun!))
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action; OPEN

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[So moms USUALLY don't get in the middle of snow fights -- they're there to offer warm drinks and blankets and a place to bundle up and get rid of the chill.

But when has Kushina ever followed social norms like that? And she's not going easy on anybody either. She's as bundled up as anybody (maybe more so) and has a few snowballs in her hand as she darts about, grinning brightly.

When she finds someone:]

Hey! Heads up!

[Kushina tosses a snowball high into the air as a faux, and if your person looks up at it, she'll take the opportunity to hit you with her another snowball while you're busy watching the one in the sky.

And she will do this to everyone she sees until it doesn't work. It's a good strategy.

Later, you can find her making a snow fort!]
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Usually a glance would be all she needs to pelt Sakura with the second snowball, but she's kind of fumbly and the snow is cold so she doesn't get it in time. A couple snowballs drop to the ground as she dodges Sakura's counter, laughing breathlessly while tossing a couple more her way.]

Guess so!

[Except Kushina probably has other tricks up her sleeve.....

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[There's laughter.]

Plenty early now, ya know?!

[Kushina does the ARM GESTURE in victoly and then barely dodges Sakura's missile, eyes wide at the blur of white coming at her. It catches her hair, sending red everywhere as she stumbles to the side and lands on her thigh and drops the rest of her snowballs.


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[Shannaro? What the--


but really she's wondering (just before she's eating that snow boulder) why she didn't think of that

Kushina is practically BURIED under the snow Sakura has slammed her with and her head pops out a moment later, shaking the cold out of her face before she's chuckling

and then laughing

and then her stomach hurts because she can't stop, flopping backwards

she needs to make a giant wall to hide from your snow boulders, Sakura geez]
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[Well Luffy is one of the ones who are simple enough to fall for this plan. And he ends up looking up, giving off a loud gasp at the sight of the snowball in the air, just to get hit in the fall with another and stumble back, falling into the snow.

WOW! You are gonna pay for that, Naruto's Mom! He's also wearing a scarf around his face which looks fairly ridiculous but Sakura did say this was a ninja party so--!
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Gahahaha! Gotcha!
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[Who did that-- oh wait. It's probably that person who is laughing obnoxiously That's it he's going to gather up enough snow to make a snowball.]

OI!! I know you! You're Naruto's Mom!! [Now have a snowball being thrown at you!!]
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[DUCKS THAT FLYING PROJECTILE and then blinks at him

how does he--?


You're the kid that was bickering with Naruto in the middle of the night!


I'll fight you now!
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WHAT?! Now you want to fight me?!

[Geeez! Maybe he's busy or something now! H could have to pencil you in or something.]

Well forget it now! You remind me too much of my grandpa! And he's crazy! [Crazy strength, crazy personality, crazy "training" methods". If you remind him of him then you must be just as crazy! But he will throw another snowball as a distraction. Maybe he can dive behind that mobile snowman unit he made!

Which is just a snowman on a red wagon.]

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snow fort times

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[ Kakashi happens by Kushina who appears to be... building something? Packing snow? What exactly is she doing anyway? ]

What are you building, Kushina-san?
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[She looks up, red nosed and red cheeked and bright-eyed and grinning.]

Hey! Having fun?

[Then she rubs under her nose because all this work is making it run a little.]

We need a base, ya know? So I'm making a wall.

[It's unclear who she means by WE, maybe it's royal. But it's probably a good idea to be on her side, regardless.

She grunts as she packs more snow onto it, almost chest-height now.]

If you help, you can use it too.
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guh sorry for delay, got busy again

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[ Kakashi's not so much the type who hides behind forts and throws shit at people, as he is the type who sneaks up on someone and pummels them with snow. But, he's always happy to help Kushina out. It is Kushina after all. ]

If you'd like, I can probably use Doton Doryuuheki.

[ To make a really, really, really big wall. Complete with dog faces. Though, it'd be more dirt than snow. More like a dirt wall covered with snow. ]
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[Silver was at the wrong place at the wrong time and falls for it hook, line, and sinker. He doesn't have the time to dodge out of the way.

...But his buddy Weavile's smarter than that, and he's quick to hop up and do a partial save. Some of the snow hits him anyway, but at least it's not a direct hit...

...A snowball fight. That's what this is, right? Should he retaliate?... (Weavile's taking none of this nonsense and is already equipping himself with snowballs. Get with the program, boy.)]
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[Kushina takes a moment to grin that her trick worked and then she's bending down to scoop up another few snowballs, watching the creature do the same.]

Hey! Don't just stand there!

[She calls it out to silver before throwing another snowball at him.

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[-Right. Okay. He manages to duck down to dodge; Weavile treats him to a snowball. Now you're getting it.

He tosses it! He tosses it pretty well!

...It falls apart before it gets too far.]
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[Kushina watches and then frowns a little, not throwing her own snowball.]

You have to pack more snow into it!
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[Pack more snow into it. He scoops up some snow and packs it nicely, then thinks on it for a minute before packing in some more.

He thinks it's pretty nice snowball, but he holds it up for her to judge.]
Like this?

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THAT'S RIGHT YOUR SON. So naturally, he gets splatted with the second one son after.]

Ahh! It's on now, I'm gonna get you y'know!!
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Kushina laughs, not scared in the least and glad to see what he's got

Look she'll stand here and not move LET'S SEE IT]
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[It doesn't take him long to spring back up and onto his feet, already scrambling fistfuls of snow into his hands and then mashing them together as he runs forward.

Trickery hasn't really ever been his thing so he just charges HEADFIRST to try and get close enough and splat her with it.]
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[She braces herself, ready to dart out of the way of his snowball or his tackle or whatever it is he has planned

Her eyes are narrowed with a grin, typical Uzumaki grin that shows she's fearless

even of prankster sons with snowballs]
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[Sprinting forward, he throws the snowball towards her. Pretty easy to dodge but this is just a TEST. He's never sparred against his mother after all, and obviously she is going to be good because UZUMAKI.

He has a plan though.]


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